Set within a grove of trees, the carport is a three-sided courtyard of steel, concrete and carefully stacked wood. With it's razor-thin corrugated metal roof it is a statement of strength and elegance. The three, 27' long steel walls are arranged in a pinwheel configuration - each wall passing by the other. The structural frame is divided into a 3' grid that is welded into 9' x 6 'x 1'-8" units. The frames are bolted to a continuous concrete footing. Split fire wood is stacked within the 3 'x 3' grid to allow unitized stacking and removal. The steel is unfinished and allowed to rust. All nine units were fabricated off-site and installed in a single day. The cantilevered roof provides cover for one car. The remaining two spaces are used for guest parking. The corrugated roof is supported by painted steel beams and angles. The roof is bolted to a reinforced concrete wall. The carport is separated from the house by a grove of trees providing visual separation.

October 24, 2015 - Published in designboom